Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Volunteers work as the Red rises (3.24.09)

For volunteers like Isaac Aasen of Fargo, N.D., sand worked its way into every little nook and cranny.

Hundreds and hundreds of volunteers turned out at the Fargodome on Tuesday to make sandbags the old-fashioned way. Shovels, sand and bags were plentiful.

This photograph was taken near the intersection of Broadway and 37th Avenue North in Fargo. A layer of sandbags nearly mirrors the shape of the rising Red River. 

An earthen dike along a stretch of Second Street near City Hall was built up Tuesday morning. The dike is an essential component to protecting downtown Fargo. 

Flood photos from Fargo (3.23.09)

Flood photos from South Moorhead (3.22.09)